Forgot My Dice Episode 59 – It Was Exciting When I Was Twelve

On this very special episode of the Forgot My Dice Podcast, Jonathan is away spending quality family time with their new baby Amelia. Stepping in with guest hosting duties, we welcome the normally silent partner of FMD, Jeanna! This week, Robert is all about Neo-Noir, either with teen detectives or the D&D setting Ravnica. Jeanna, on the other hand, is suffering from an acute case of drought-lander. For this episode, we deep dive Fluffy Bunny Tea Party, a favorite game in our family. Plus, mixing up Jamies, new podcasts, and so much more… this week on the FMD Podcast!

Congratulations Jonathan, and welcome to the world, Baby Amelia!
Thank You Patreons
Happy National Let’s Laugh Day!

Off the Shelf
The Witness
Roswell New Mexico
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
Veronica Mars
Nancy Drew
Swords of the Serpentine
Neo-Noir Ravnica
Autonomic Podcast
Asians Represent Podcast
Fluffy Bunny Tea Party
Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate

The Wisdom of Crowds
We Started the D&D Articles in 2015… I was mixing up the store which we opened in 2011.
Two Fallout RPG’s Are Coming From Modiphius
Pathfinder 2 coming August 1st
Talisman Batman Super Villains Edition
Free RPG Day Acquired by New Company
That Garlic Noodle
Brenden Sent us Altar Quest

A Year in the Life
FMD Episode 37 – Seven Story People Tower
How to Mature Your Game Collection

Deep Dive Fluffy Bunny Tea Party
Get it on Drive Through Cards

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