Forgot My Dice Episode 55 – A Big Ol’ Bread Knife

It’s a brand new year! January is New Gamemaster Month, so the boys decide to Deep Dive how to run your first role-playing game. Robert has a lot to say (and mentions a lot he can’t say) about a game he is playtesting, and he also waxes enthusiastically about a particularly amazing movie. Meanwhile, Jonathan does battle with allergies yet again, which brings about the appearance of Aunt Phyllis. Plus, we take a look behind the scenes, finally have some news to share, and so much more, this week on the FMD Podcast!

Rest In Peace
Darwin Bromley

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Why is Dad So Mad
Swords of the Serpentine Playtest
Cities Skylines
Duelosaur Island
Dinosaur Island
Above & Below
Near & Far
Battlefield V
Strange Brigade
Red Dead Redemption II
Animal Upon Animal
Monster Crunch!
Greenley Roasting Coffee

Wisdom of Crowds
Star Wars Legion New Units!
D&D Artificer Coming in February
Upper Deck gets James Bond license
Wizards Teases “Ship Themed” Story in Early 2019
Battlestar Galactica New Ships
Vampire the Masquerade goes to Modiphius
Lord of the Rings Journeys in Middle Earth

A Year in the Life
FMD Episode 33 – A Slap in a Box
Mythic Battles Pantheon
Madeline Miller – Author of Circe & The Song of Achilles

Deep Dive First Time GM
New Gamemaster Month
Don’t Panic
The Critical Role “Problem”
Let Go of Your Vision
First Time Prep Talk
Stuff to Get

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