Best of 2016!

It’s been a heck of a year at Forgot My Dice, we published 8 months worth of D&D home brew, fired up a podcast, had babies, and tons of other stuff. So lets take a look at the top articles, reviews, and posts of 2016!

Top Posts

#1) 7th Sea Core Rulebook Review
#2) Delta Green Agents Handbook Review
#3) Mysteries Incorporated
#4) Bubblegumshoe a Teen Detective Game Review
#5) Campaign Post Mortem – D&D 5th Edition and Shackled City Adventure Path
#6) Savage Worlds Deluxe
#7) Fantasy Age Base Rulebook Review
#8) Bardic College of Folklore
#9) Oath of the Gallant
#10) White Mage

Top Episode of the Podcast

FMD Episode 3 – The Danger of Having Guests

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