Forgot My Dice Episode 54 – She’ll Be Here Next Month

It is that time again for the boys to put on their pointed wizard caps, grab a crystal ball, scrounge up a rod of divination, ponder tea leaves, and arrange tarot cards. That’s right! It is our annual predictions episode, where the boys attempt to guess what the future holds and look back on what they thought would come to pass in 2018. Plus, on this very special episode of the FMD Podcast, we talk in depth about a classic movie from 1983. All this, plus so much more, this week on the FMD Podcast!

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Off the Shelf
Cities Skylines PS4
Dragon Quest V
Dragon Quest VI
Battlefield V
The Christmas Chronicles
Red Dead Redemption
Strange Brigade
Die Hard
Die Hard 2
Quigley Down Under
Veronica Mars
Terms of Endearment
The Simpsons
The Happening
Swords of the Serpentine Playtest
Happy Little Accidents
Camel Up 2nd Edition
Duelosaur Island
Tiny Epic Quest
Star Wars Legion
Century From Sand to Sea
Monopoly For the Switch

A Year in the Life LIghtning Round
FMD 29, 30, 31, 32

2019 Predictions

2018 Outcomes
Plus a new prediction cuz

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