Forgot My Dice Episode 37 – Seven Story People Tower

Welcome to a timely new episode of the Forgot My Dice Podcast… just kidding, the boys had to record this two weeks ago because Jonathan was out of town. In this episode, they talk about growing a board game collection, Robert falls more in love with his 6-year-old persona in Dragon Quest V, and Jonathan didn’t get any sleep so his tired-goofy side shines all episode. Plus we kick off a new segment variant called Fans Fill Up a Segment, discuss video game history, go way down the rabbit hole on an old D&D setting, and so much more!

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This Episode From Beyond Space & Time!
Jonathan took a trip to Board Game Land

Off the Shelf
The Story of Tetris
Game Over Press Start to Continue
Harry Potter Films
The Last Kingdom
The Horseman
Kong Skull Island
Solomon Kane
A Touch of Evil
Solomon Kane RPG
Robert Bets “Money” on a 7th Sea Book
Genisys RPG
Realms of Terrinoth
Robert Makes a Play for Free Stuff
Battlefield 1
Kerbal Space Program
Dragon Quest V

Wisdom of Crowds Variant: Fans Fill Up a Segment

Question 1
Red Star RPG

Question 2
I Robot
(Correction) Don’t Give in to Pessimism

Question 3
Castell, yes it’s real

A Year in the Life
Forgot My Dice Episode 14 – Full NPR Mode
Arkham Horror Card Game

Deep Discussion – Growing Your Collection

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