What’s in the Bag?

Welcome to Forgot My Dice, the Gaming blog!

Right now FMD is in baby mode, Robert and Jeanna just had twins, which has disrupted our schedule a bit. We’re trying to get a review out every month, and the Forgot My Dice podcast is going strong, but the monthly D&D content is on hiatus for now.

The Contributors to Forgot My Dice are.

Jeanna – Jeanna has been playing D&D since 2nd edition, along with an assortment of other games.  She makes most of the original art for the site, and co writes the reviews.

Jonathan – Podcasting veteran, Jonathan co-founded the Super Board Bros podcast. For Jonathans next project he has joined us here to produce the Forgot My Dice podcast! Avid board game player, Jonathan has recently started playing RPGs, including D&D, Star Wars by FFG, and many more. He is the main host of the Forgot My Dice podcast!

Robert – Husband to Jeanna and Father to their spawn.  Robert has also been playing D&D since 2nd edition (in fact he was Jeanna’s first Dungeon Master), along with an wide assortment of other games. He writes original D&D articles for the site, along with co-writing RPG reviews with Jeanna, and is co-host of the Forgot My Dice podcast.

Trevor – Trevor has been playing D&D since 2nd edition, but most of his early carrier was with Palladium Fantasy and Rifts. He writes original D&D articles for the site.

Guest Contributors

Cassie – Cassie makes awesome cosplay costumes and is an accomplished artist. We wanted to replace the art on our first couple of articles, and she took up the quest! Be sure to check out her deviant art page.

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