Forgot My Dice Episode 61 – It’s a Multiverse, Baby!

Welcome back to the Forgot My Dice Podcast! This week, Robert does a lot of talking because Jonathan is tired (for some odd reason). Meanwhile, Jonathan continues the journey of caring for his expanded family… and not sleep. All this, plus fun interactions with Restoration Games, a plethora of news, and a Deep Dive of the game Potion Explosion. This week on the FMD Podcast!

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Off the Shelf
Potion Explosion
Robotech Ace Pilot
Fireball Island
Twitter Fun With Restoration Games
Love Death & Robots
Twilight Zone
Captain Marvel
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
Veronica Mars
The OA
Star Trek Enterprise
Ravnica Neo-Noir
Downtown Data-Heist
Trust Mechanic for D&D5E
Reddit Thread About Ravnica Neo-Noir
Shadowrun Mercurial
The Division 2
Apex Legends
Dead by Daylight
Spider-Man PS4
Spyro Reignited
Little Dragons Cafe

Wisdom of Crowds
Hunters Entertainment making a Altered Carbon RPG
Acquisitions Incorporated the D&D Book
Guardians Gets a New Hero Pack
7th Sea Goes to Chaosium
Star Wars Legion Clone Wars
D&D Stream the Descent
Wacky Racers Board Game

A Year in the Life
Forgot My Dice Episode 39 – Gooey Saccharine Weirdness
Giant Killer Robots

Deep Dive Potion Explosion



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