Forgot My Dice Ep 8 – Like a Giant Viking Coolaid Man!

In this, very very long, episode of the FMD podcast, we talk a lot about what we have been playing, give you what little table top news and Kickstarters we could find during the holiday season. Then we try out the awesome 7th Sea 2nd Edition RPG! It was literally the first time we played it, so I’m sure we got stuff wrong, but who cares when you have so much fun!

It Came From Out of the Basement
And Old Country Meats

Off the Shelf
Unity RPG
Ponyfinder Dawn of the Fifth Age
Cthulhu Confidential
Hero Realms
Star Realms
Legendary Big Trouble in Little China
Dastardly Dirigibles
Goonies Adventure Card Game
7 Wonders
Secret Hitler
Arkham Horror LCG
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Pizza Cake
Pathfinder RPG – Carrion Crown
Skyrim Special Edition
Farcry Primal
Shadows Over Mordor
Titanfall 2
Battlefield 1
Call of Duty Infinite Warfare
Star Trek the Original Series
Gilmore Girls

Wisdom of Crowds

Table Top News
More Print (on Demand) Classic D&D on DTRPG!
Conquer the Kingdom & CMON IPO
Star Trek RPG Beta
Race for the Galaxy
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic the RPG

Kingdom Death 1.5
Harlem Unbound
The Other Side

How To Contact Us For a Interview
How to Give Us Feedback

Deep Dive of the 7th Sea RPG, Available Now on DTRPG!


Cthulhu Mythos - Available Now @