Forgot My Dice Episode 23 – Slammer and the Beard

This week the boys are up to their usual nonsense. Robert continues to plow through his backlog of PDFs, and accidentally reveals the reason he didn’t want to cover the Midgard Campaign Setting. Meanwhile Jonathan’s plans of playing RPGs with his kids slowly come together, and he went out to see a movie. All this plus the usual assortment of news, one Kickstarter, and shenanigans, this week on the Forgot My Dice podcast!

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Off the Shelf

Farcry Primal
Destiny 2 Beta!
Battlefield 1
Art of Magic the Gathering Amonkhet
Changeling 20th Anniversary Edition
Werewolf the Apocalypse
Unity RPG
Musing on Kickstarter
Star Wars Force & Destiny
Just One More Fix Episode 38
Wild Skies Europa Tempest
Justin Scarred Completes his Route 66 Trip
The Oklahoma Episode NSFW
Young Justice
Castlevania on Netflix
Star Wars in Chronological Order
House of Cards
Spider-Man Homecoming
Decent 2nd Edition
Zombicide Black Plague
Monopoly Gamer
Terraforming Mars
First Martians
Firefly Board Game

A Year in the Life Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition
FMD Episode Zero – the Smabbing
FMD Episode 4 – In Every Adventurers Career
Shackled City Review
Plane Shift Innistrad
Midgard by Kobold Press

Wisdom of Crowds this week with almost 100% less Kickstarters
Star Realms Frontiers
2017 Ennie Awards (Voting is Closed)
Space Pirates the Musical
Spiel Des Jahres Winners
Dice Tower Awards
Mountains of Madness by Iello
Star Wars RPG Dawn of the Rebellion
CMON Acquires the Grizzeled

Deep Dive Outlive

Final Thoughts

Cthulhu Mythos - Available Now @