Forgot My Dice Ep 7 – To the Freebooters Network we go!

We have had some exciting news brewing since Episode 3, and now we can share it. Starting with Episode 8 we are moving to the Freebooters Network! You can still find show notes, like this, right here at But to listen to the episode you will need to direct your podcast player of choice to the Freebooters Network iTunes feed!

Listen to the Episode Here!

Our Sweet Page on the Freebooters Network!

Intro – 0:00:00
Moving to the Freebooters Network starting with episode 8!
Jonathan’s FFG Star Wars RPG Review
Slight Delay For Episode 8

Off The Shelf – 0:10:20
Mechs vs. Minions
Mission: Red Planet
Dastardly Dirigibles
Fluffy Bunny Tea Party
Camel Up
Star Realms Colony Wars
Pandemic Reign of Cthulhu
Burger Up
Pina Pirata
Star Wars Destiny
Warmachine Cyriss vs Khador
Ratchet & Clank 2015 Reboot
Star Trek Enterprise
Battlefield 1

How to contact us for an Interview – 0:30:09

Wisdom of Crowds – 0:30:32

Table-Top News – 0:30:45
Blood Bowl is Back!
D&D Enters National Toy Hall of Fame
Classic D&D products are back in print (On Demand)
Wizards announces Amonket
More importantly Wizards announces “Art of Amonket” (dear WotC I will keep buying these if you keep making Plane Shift pdfs)
Terminator the Board Game coming to Kickstarter February 2017

Kickstarter News – 0:41:25
Legends Untold Adventure Card Game
Dystopian Wars

How to give us feedback! – 0:49:08

Deep Dive Vikings on Board – 0:50:05

Reminder we are moving to Freebooters Network – 1:10:25

Roberts final thoughts – 1:11:02

Party On! – 1:12:25

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