Forgot My Dice Episode 26 – The Psychological Impact of Permanence

This week the boys interview Jamey Stegmaier (designer of Scythe, owner of Stonemaier Games) about his upcoming game Charterstone. Jonathan and Robert also spend most of the episode messing with each other, as they talk about what they have been up to, and all the news out of Gen Con. It’s another super-sized episode of the Forgot My Dice podcast, so grab a drink, sit down, and enjoy!

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Hurricane Harvey
JJ Watt & You Caring

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Off the Shelf
The Defenders
Shin Godzilla
Tango & Cash
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2
Destiny 2
Battlefield 1
Bloodbowl Painting
Apocalypse World
Nations of Theah Vol 1
Rivet Wars
Cry Havoc
Of Dice and Men

A Year in the Life

Wisdom of Crowds – Gen Con Newsami
Diana Jones Award goes to Gen Con
Ennie Awards Announced
Green Ronin announces “The Expanse” RPG
Onyx Path announces “Deviant: The Renegades.”
Trinity Corebook and Trinity Continuum: Aeon coming “soon”
Cavaliers of Mars
Contagion Chronicle
They Came From Beneath the Sea
CMON Announces Arcadia Quest Riders, Kick-Ass, & Hate
Delta Green Case Officers Handbook/Delta Green RPG/Delta Green Handlers Handbook
Quest For Positivity
Star Wars Legion
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X-Wing Wave 12
Armada New Wave
Imperial Assault Heart of the Empire
Invisible Sun Prototype
Numenera 2 & Numenera Destiny
GUMSHOE Fantasy Game in Development – Code-name GUMthews
GUMSHOE coming to roll 20
Resident Evil 2 the Board Game
Vampire 5th Edition hires Mark Rein-Hagen

Non Gen-Con News
Spartan Games, Tor Gaming, On the Lamb Games
Wizards responds to Ixalan theft

Deep Interview – Jamey Stegmaier
Stonemaier Games Website
Stonemaier Facebook
Replacement Parts
Kickstarter Lessons

Final Thoughts
New Episode in 3 Weeks

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