Forgot My Dice Episode 47 – Stealing All Our Time Youth and Money

Welcome back for another few hours of gaming talk by two nerdy Dads! This week, Robert has a new mistress and their name is Dragon Quest XI. Meanwhile, Jonathan has hit that right mix of caffeination and sleep deprivation to be super-duper random and spicy. All that, plus news, Plane Shifts, Dragon Quest, and lots of things that Totally Aren’t (blank)… this week on the FMD Podcast!

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Looking for a New Film
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Off the Shelf
Assembling Tia-Not
Star Trek By Stardate
Mary Poppins
Godzilla Screen Time By FIlm
Art of Magic the Gathering Dominaria
Mutant City Blues Playtest
Mass Effect Andromeda
Battlefield V
Dragon Quest XI
California Games
7 Wonders
Secret Hitler
Custom Heroes
Massive Darkness
Happy Little Accidents

Wisdom of Crowds
D&D Dungeon Mayhem
Bobs Burgers Clue
Monsterpocalypse New Factions
No Quarter Prime Going Away
Pandemic Fall of Rome
Potion Explosion 2nd Edition
Things From the Flood RPG – the Sequel to Tales From the Loop
Mansions of Madness New Scenario
Terraforming Mars Colonies
Starcadia Quest
Goblin Games Flooded

A Year in the Life
Forgot My Dice Episode 23 – Slammer and the Beard

Deep Dive Plane Shift Dominaria
On the DMsGuild
The Last Plane Shift?

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