Forgot My Dice Episode 13 – Meatbag I Knew Thee Well

This week we discuss in detail the latest D&D release from Wizards of the Coast Plane Shift Kaladesh, partnered with it’s companion book The Art of Magic: the Gathering Kaladesh. On top of this we have our normal mix of games we have been playing, interesting table top news, and fun Kickstarters. So stay awhile and listen to the latest episode of the FMD Podcast!

Special thanks to Brian, who gave us a new FMD Classic Jingle. Listen to that and more of his stuff here.

Off the Shelf

Shadows Over Mordor
Battlefield 1
Ghost Recon Wildlands
Painting Stuff
Gamera Inspired Ironback Spitter
Tales from the Loop Draft
Star Realms
Quests of Valeria
Poker Assault
Descent with the app
Blood Bowl
Dresden Files Card Game

Wisdom of Crowds

Tabletop News
New Hordes Faction; Grymkin the Bitter Harvest
Ravenloft The Nightmare Lands
Community Integrated Development
Privateer Press Revamping Its Forums
Tales From the Yawning Portal
Dragon Talk Podcast
Big Trouble in Little China the Board Game

Thunderstone Quest
Mutant: Mechatron Rise of the Robots
GKR Heavy Hitters
Empires of the Void II
Relic Knights II

Deep Dive The Art of Magic: the Gathering – Kaladesh & Plane Shift Kaladesh
Our Review of Plane Shift: Zendikar
Plane Shift Zendikar
Plane Shift Innistrad
Plane Shift Kaladesh
D&D System Reference Document
En5ider For the Alchemist & Noble (Warlord)
Artificer Beta Packet
White Mage Article

Cthulhu Mythos - Available Now @