Forgot My Dice Episode 10 – Gnomes Come Out & Play

This week we dive into the board game we can’t stop talking about, Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition. Also we catch up on table top news, find a few Kickstarter’s worth talking about, plus talk about what we have taken off our shelf! All this and more on the latest episode of the FMD podcast, out now on the Freebooters Network!

Intro – 0:00:37
Geek Nation Tours Zombie Survival Tour – 0:01:38
Brought to You By Outbreak Undead
FMD History – 0:03:06
Themes of the Month
Mysteries Incorporated
Friendship is Magic
Bardic College of Folklore

Off The Shelf – 0:06:26
Art of Magic: the Gathering – Kaladesh
Planeshift Kaladesh?
Art of Magic: the Gathering Zendikar & Planeshift: Zendikar Review
Emergence Event
Mansions of Madness
The Grand Melee (Correction no Pathfinder – has a Hero System Variant)
Hero Realms
Immortals Companion
Formula D
King of New York
Star Wars Destiny
Gilmore Girls
Star Trek the Next Generation

Freebooters Forums – 0:36:20
How To Contact Us – 0:37:10

Wisdom of Crowds
Table Top News – 0:38:03
Privateer Press Drops Cards, Has Errata, Public Play-testing of New Models
Kingdom Death Makes all the Money!
Tales From Yawning Portal – New D&D Story!
CMON has 3 games coming out in Q2 2017
Arrowverse Gets Renewed
Alcoholics Drinking Song From Crazy Ex Girlfriend
Ed Greenwood Writes for the DM’s Guild
Imperial Assault New Figures
Imperial Assault is getting an App!
Wizards of the Coast opens an in house video game team.
Russia Changes Freight Laws

Kickstarter News – 0:55:23
OrcQuest the Card Game
Elite Dangerous the RPG
Day Night Z

How To Give Us Feed Back 1:01:45
Deep Dive Mansions of Madness – 1:02:45

Final Thoughts – 1:36:50

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