Forgot My Dice Episode 68 – Something Huggable About You

Welcome to another episode of the FMD Podcast beaming directly into your podcast player! This week, the boys Deep Dive Star Wars the Outer Rim by Fantasy Flight Games. Robert has been saving the islands of Torland all week… and has done little else. Jonathan, on the other hand, has been raging with a fever of his own on Arrakis, Dune, Desert Planet. All this, plus even more talk about Scoops Ahoy!, off-key singing, and so much more. This week on the FMD Podcast!

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Happy National Whistleblowers Day!
Jonathan’s “Fun” Liquor Fact

Off the Shelf
Steven Universe the Movie Trailer!
Dora the Explorer Trailer
Dora the Explorer Collegehumor
Can you tell the difference, because I got the links wrong on purpose!
PSA – Parents Don’t Fly With Babies Because it is Fun
Star Trek Enterprise
Corridor Crew Youtube Channel
Stranger Things 2 & 3
Apex Legends
World of Warships Legends
Dragon Quest Builders 2
How Japanese RPGs Inspired a New Generation of Fantasy Writers
Not Alone
Century Spice Road
The Grizzled
Five Minute Dungeon
Pandemic Rapid Response
Star Wars Outer Rim
Burger Up
Forbidden Sky

Wisdom of Crowds
Wizards Announces The Throne of Eldarine
X-Wing 2nd Edition Epic Battle Modes, and Huge Ships
Funko Pop Board Game Line Up
The Dark Tower Previews
Teburu & Zombicide Las Vegas
Spiel Des Jahres announced
Tyranny of Dragons Rereleased
Diana Jones Awards Announced

A Year in the Life – Nothing!

Deep Dive Star Wars Outer Rim

Final Thoughts
ID10T Episode 1007

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