Forgot My Dice Episode 30 – Appreciate the Woody Flavors

Were back on our original feed here at! This week Robert records his first episode in Portland… and screws up his audio, sorry for the dramatic echo and heavy breathing after the first segment (Robert was hunched over recording in a bad place), it will be fixed for the next episode. Jonathan visited a convention and played all the board games, while sobbing silently cuz Robert wasn’t in the studio. This week we review Bob Ross the Art of Chill Board game, we talk about what we have been up to, have random Portland thoughts, get in a weird funk about children’s literature & movies, and so much more on the FMD Podcast!

Thank you Patreons
Contest Delay

Off The Shelf
Moria the evil healer
Star Wars Battlefront II
DCS World & the Harrier
Savage Rifts
Star Wars RPG
Delta Green the Handlers Guide
Threadbare the Stitch-Punk RPG
Babe 2: Pig in the City
Chocolate War
Stranger Things 2
Penny Dreadful
Ash vs Evil Dead
Grymkin Skin & Bones Warbeast
Bob Ross the Art of Chill
Star Wars Destiny
Arena of the Gods
Custom Heroes
Shark Island
Mow Money
Dragons Gate College
Clank & Clank In Space
Queen Domino
Gravity Warfare
Panic Mansion
The Great Dinosaur Rush

A Year in the Life
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Wisdom of Crowds

Tabletop News
Betrayal at the House on the Hill Legacy
Black Anchor Industries
Tales from Equestria Official Movie Sourcebook
Fantasy Flight Interactive
Imperial Assault Legends of the Alliance

Kickstarter News
Checking back with a old friend – Necronomnomnom

Deep Dive Bob Ross the Art of Chill
Available at a Target Near You

Cthulhu Mythos - Available Now @