Forgot My Dice Episode 38 – Need More Giffs In My Life

This episode of the FMD Podcast was recorded… IN SPACE! Not really, but in this episode the boys take a look at the classic AD&D Second Edition campaign setting Spelljammer. Robert continues his Dragon Quest bender which have given him all sorts of surprising feelings in his Dad-ness. Jonathan is drowning in miniatures from Star Wars Legion and the Vampire Hunters Board Game, and he couldn’t be happier. All this, plus Table Top News, playing RPGs with kids, and spider-eel nightmare fuel… on this episode of the Forgot My Dice Podcast!

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Off The Shelf
The Tick
Agents of Shield
Power Rangers
Valerian and the City of A Thousand Planets
Death Bed the Bed That Eats
Hitmans Bodyguard
Sky High
Justice League
Midgard Campaign Setting
Midgard Heroes Handbook
Top Secret
RPG With Kids
Keep on the Borderlands
Genisys RPG World Creation
Dragon Quest V
Battlefield 1
Sea of Thieves
Custom Heroes
Steam Court
7 Wonders
Secret Hitler
Star Wars Legion
Vampire Hunters

Wisdom of Crowds
Pathfinder 2 – Enworld Thread
Monsterpocalypse Returns!
Magic Dominaria Leak
Wizkids Announces Heroes of Dominaria Game
Terraforming Mars Digital Edition
Sonic the Hedgehog Game
Star Wars Legion Mats
GF9 Aliens Co-Op Game
GF9 D&D Board Game
Star Trek Ascendancy Expansions
Doctor Who Expansions
Firefly Adventures

A Year in the Life
Forgot My Dice Episode 15 – Hey Dawg I Heard You Like Landmines

Deep Dive Spelljammer
Spelljammer on DTRPG

Final Thoughts
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