Forgot My Dice Episode 64 – Lookin’ at this Llama

Today on the Forgot My Dice Podcast, the boys deep dive Heroes of Normandie the Tactical Card Game! During the recording, Jonathan is so tired, he can’t tell the difference between sparkles and sprinkles. Meanwhile, Robert has a lot of thoughts about Endgame, Game of Thrones, and story structures in general. All that, plus Texas BBQ, so much D&D news, awards season, and so much more… this week on the FMD Podcast!

Thank You Patrons
Happy National Brisket Day
Buster’s Barbecue

Off the Shelf
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic RPG
No Thank You Evil
Avengers Endgame
Georg Rockhall-Schmidt
Game of Thrones
Plotters and Pantsers 
Mortal Engines
Crazy Rich Asians
Mission Impossible Fallout
Forza Horizon 4
Sea of Thieves
Division 2
MK 11
John Carter
Not Alone
Pocket Farma
Heroes of Normandie the Tactical Card Game
Journey to Middle Earth
Gotham City Chronicles
Magic the Gathering
Lord of the Rings Card Game
War of the Ring
Battle of the Five Armies

Wisdom of Crowds
Lots of D&D Products Revealed in the Descent – Descent Into Avernus, Wiz Kids Descent Into Avernus Minis, Infernal War Machine, Dungeon Mayhem Battle in Baldur’s Gate, D&D Essentials, D&D vs Rick & Morty Starter Set, D&D vs Rick & Morty II Painscape, Eberron Hardcover coming by the end of the year.
Modiphius announces Wrath & Glory, The One Ring 2nd Edition, and Elder Scrolls a Call to Arms
Skyrim Macho-Man Randy Savage
Privateer Press Riot Quest
Faction Bundles on Privateer Press Store
Charterstone Digital (You have been weighed and measured and found wanting).
Spiel De Yar Nominations
That Lama Cover
Kenner Spiel
Dice Tower Award Nominations
Origins Award Nominations

A Year in the Life
Forgot My Dice Episode 42 – Nobody Counts the Christmas Special
The Thing Outbreak at Outpost 31

Deep Dive Heroes of Normandie the Tactical Card Game

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