Forgot My Dice Episode 29 – Count of Monte Cristo Moment

The boys get together for one last recording session in the same room, before Robert moves to Portland. Robert reveals a secret he has kept since episode 23 which may have driven him to madness. Jonathan hears opinions on Indiana Jones that make him want to bathe, which is a different from of madness. All this plus a Deep Dive of Blood Bowl by Games Workshop, table top news, a weird assortment of Kickstarters, and so much more!

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Small Delay to Stronghold Games Contest to Episode 30
Short Hiatus Because Robert is Moving

Off the Shelf
Knights of the Old Republic
Arma III
DCS World
Destiny 2
Star Wars Battlefront 2 Beta
L5R Beta
Star Trek Discovery
Spider-Man Homecoming
JMS Spider-Man
King Arthur
The Mummy
The Fall of Delta Green RPG
Bob Ross the Art of Chill
Ghostbusters Board Game
Goonies Adventure Card Game
Redneck Life

A Year in the Life
Forgot My Dice Episode 4 – In Every Adventurers Career & High Level D&D
More importantly the long con!

The Wisdom of Crowds

Table Top News
Spartan Games properties picked up by Warcade Studios
L5R Beta now available on DTRPG

Kickstarter News
Outbreak Undead 2nd Edition
Save Movie Madness

Deep Dive Blood Bowl

Cthulhu Mythos - Available Now @