Forgot My Dice Episode 22 – Shiny and Kinda Chromed

This week the boys wrap up the Patreon contest, and fire up a new one on twitter! The contest is super easy to participate in, and you get all the info in the first 10 minutes, so be sure to listen! Meanwhile, Robert is very out of it, and Jonathan takes advantage of his weakened mental state, mostly via mockery. Plus we Deep Dive Terraforming Mars by Stronghold games! All of that, plus our usual assortment of shenanigans, table top news, and so much more in this episode of the FMD Podcast!

Winner of Patreon Subscription Drive – James!
Department of Corrections – Champions of Mystara: Heroes of the Princess Ark
Department of Corrections – It’s Dominara
New Contest! Win a Top Shelf Fun Game Haul Bag. On twitter, link @ForgotMyDice, @Top_Shelf_Fun use hashtag #GameHaulBag. Tell us what you would haul around in your bag!

Off the Shelf
Blue Rose RPG by Green Ronin
The Quiet Year
Mage 20 Book of Secrets
Road Trip to Iowa
Farcry Primal
Uncharted Trilogy
Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull isn’t that bad
Death Bed: the Bed that Eats – don’t follow this link, save your sanity!
Star Wars in Order
Inglourious Bastards
Into the Badlands
Babylon 5
Of Dice & Men Podcast
Unlock Escape Adventures: Island of Dr Gorrse
Just One More Fix
Playing RPGs with kids episode 38
Dread RPG
Tabletop Episode of Dread
Playtesting Reboot
Red Star RPG
Terraforming Mars
Bears vs Babies
Zombicide Black Plague
Ghostbusters 2
Colt Express

Wisdom of Crowds
Tabletop News
Deadwood & Banana Man
Planet of the Apes Board Game
Genisys RPG System from FFG
Ulthuk Ullan Runewars Expansion
IDW Legend of Korra Pro Bending Arena
Pizza Cake
Gen Con Sells Out!
Settlers of Catan: Brotherhood of the Watch
Zombicide Green Horde Kickstarter still available for preorder

Kickstarter News
Yellow King RPG
Top Secret
Dungeons of Doom by Dwarven Forge
Stonebound Saga
Action News
Magic of Legends

Special Tribute
Rest In Peace Stewart Wieck

Deep Dive Terraforming Mars


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