Forgot My Dice Ep 4 – In Every Adventurers Career

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We played Urban Knights with RPG Creator Michael Hall last episode!
Zendikar D&D Review
Jeanna drew us awesome art!

Off The Shelf
Vikings On Board
Pathfiner ACG
Zombie Dice
Elder Signs
Dastardly Dirigibles
Person of Interest
Supergirl SSN 1
Luke Cage
Dragon Quest Builders
Forza Horizon 3
Gears of War 4 –
Ken & Robin Talk About Stuff 210
Advantage to Insight Podcast

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Wisdom of Crowds

Table Top News
Fantasy Flight is Co-Publishing the Mutant Chronicles Siege of the Citadel
Wizards of the Coast has a survey up about the revised ranger
Pathfinder Retail Incentive for Pathfinder Society
Ogre 6th Edition
Renegade Games Early Release via Brick & Mortar Stores

Book of Three Gates
Infusion Deck Builder
Meeple Mate Bottle Opener


Deep Discussion – High Level D&D
Campaign Post Mortem – D&D 5th Edition and the Shackled City Adventure Path
Mysteries Incorporated

Closing Thoughts

This week Jeanna finds inspiration in her character sheet and gives us a drawing of Sister Maria her level 20 (with 2 epic boons) Acolyte Fighter of Saint Cuthbert!

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