Forgot My Dice Episode 15 – Hey Dawg I Heard You Like Landmines

Welcome back to the Forgot My Dice Podcast, this week the boys dive into Masmorra by CMON, and we swear we don’t chat about how cool the minis looked for 15 minutes. Also the boys both have a lot of strong opinions on Mass Effect Andromeda, Jonathan continues his love of games designed by Diana Jones award winner Eric Lang, and Robert opens up his heart to Paladins of all forms. All this on top of lots and lots of table top news, and a little bit of fun Kickstarters, this week on the FMD Podcast!

Off the Shelf
Grave Peril
Eberron Campaign Setting
Blood Bowl Ogre
Dresden Files Card Game
Always Play the Paladin
Blue Rose Fantasy A.G.E. edition
I don’t know why I like Fantasy AGE, but I do!
Stephanie Law Facebook
Waste World RPG
Powers of Darkness
Mass Effect Andromeda
Mass Effect Animations
Battlefield 1
Halo Wars 2
Iron Fist
Martians a Story of Civilization
Arcadia Quest Inferno

Wisdom of Crowds

Kickstarter Shoutouts, due to news from GAMA we cut this down to Kickstarters we think you should take a look at, but we don’t chat about them very long.

Princes Gambit
Aeons End War Eternal
DCC Lankhmar Boxed Set
Arcanis 5th Edition
Noir World RPG
Rising Sun makes all the money

Table Top News
Shadow War Armageddon
Age of Sigmar Kharadron Overlords
Song of Ice and Fire Miniature Game
Legend of the Five Rings Preview at Gen Con 2017
Starfinder Cover
Starfinder Miniatures Ships and Characters
Crossfire (No Not That One)
D&D Trophy Beholder
CMON Pre-Release and Organized Play Kits
Goodman Games Classic D&D Book
Privateer Press Future of CiD, Steamroller 2017, and Battle Engines!

Deep Dive Masmorra


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