Forgot My Dice Ep 9 – So Shatnery

This week, due to a severe lack of news and Kickstarters, we change our normal format. Our first segment, off the shelf, is back as normal. But we go over the best nerdy things of 2016, and then have a few predictions of 2017. Which at the time of recording none had come true yet, however as of right now one of Jonathans may have already come to pass, and one of Roberts may have technically become correct (which is the best kind of correct).


Off The Shelf 
Mansions of Madness
Star Realms & Hero Realms
Secret Hitler
Joking Hazard
Cyanide and Happiness Randomizer
Arkham Horror LCG
Gears of War
Doom Board Game
Star Wars Destiny Tournament
Magic the Gathering
Gamera Guardian of the Universe
Color Commontary
Delta Green RPG Setting Chapter
FMD Review of the Delta Green Agents Handbook
Cthulhu Confidential
Tales From the Loop
Magic the Gathering Art of Kaladesh
Planeshift Kaladesh?
Star Wars Rogue One
Suicide Squad
Star Trek the Original Series
Star Trek the Animated Series
This Defiant Earth
Star Trek Beyond

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Best of 2016 

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Predictions of 2017 

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Closing Thoughts or lack thereof –

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