Forgot My Dice Episode 0.5 – A Town With Tentacles

Our “second pilot” is live, we are still working out some problems such as the stereo going out in the first segment. But we will get that sorted out for Episode 1 coming in September. If you have any feedback hit us up on our Facebook Page, Pinterest, here on the site, tweet at us, or best of all leave us a review on iTunes, Google Play, or Stitcher!

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Show Title
Robert says it while talking about this magic card.


1.00 – Theme of the Month “Sword and Planet.”

4.39 – What’s on the Table

11:00 – Pandemic Legacy Spoiler Alert

11:24 – Pandemic Legacy End Spoiler

16:55 – Wisdom of Crowds, where we talk about News and new Kickstarters such as…
Near and Far
Planeshift Innistrad
Power Grid the Card Game
Unity RPG – First Winner of the FMD Trifecta!
Gen Con 2016
Galaxy Quest the Board Game
Ponyfinder 5th Age
Kickstarter Board Games Out Do Video Games 6 to 1

46:02 – Scythe by Stonemaier Games Deep Dive

1:18:57 – Contact Information and Closing the Show

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