To the Freebooters Network We Go!

Forgot My Dice
Forgot My Dice
To the Freebooters Network We Go!

This week we share some big news that has been brewing since Episode 3! We are moving to the Freebooters Network starting with Episode 8! Sadly this will be the last Forgot My Dice podcast on our own feed, but you got plenty of time to redirect your podcast player of choice to the new network. Also we will continue to post show notes (with occasional art from Jeanna) on

Full Show Notes!

Intro – 0:00:00

Off The Shelf – 0:10:20

How to contact us for an Interview – 0:30:09

Wisdom of Crowds – 0:30:32
Table-Top News – 0:30:45
Kickstarter News – 0:41:25

How to give us feedback! – 0:49:08

Deep Dive Vikings on Board – 0:50:05

Reminder we are moving to Freebooters Network – 1:10:25

Roberts final thoughts – 1:11:02

Party On! – 1:12:25

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