Forgot My Dice Episode 1 – You Provide the Vanna Hands

Gen Con happened and generated a ton of cool news, so this episode went a little long. We will get back to the 90 minutes or less format next time.

Intro – 0.00

Unsung Heroes of FMD – 2:10
Cassie’s Deviant Art Page
Tis New to Thee and the Awesome Hipster with a Battle Axe by Jeanna!

Off the Shelf – AKA What have Jonathan and Robert been playing and reading – 4:29
Announcing FMD Unboxing Videos 22:18
7th Sea RPG – FMD 7th Sea Review
Delta Green – FMD Delta Green Review
“Blood of Kings” – by Skull Island Expeditions
Unity – 31:15 – FMD Article on Unity

Contact us for a Interview – Contact us at – 34:19

Wisdom of Crowds News and Kickstarters – 34:43

Diana Jones Award
Rising Sun
Ennie Awards
Pelgrane Press Doing a “Yellow King RPG” Kickstarter in early 2017
Runewars Miniature War Game
L5R Coming to Gen Con 2017
Jabba’s Realm for Star Wars Imperial Assault
Cthulhu Coming to King of New York & King of Tokyo
Bunny Kingdom by Richard Garfield
Roll 20 Gets D&D
Green Ronin Does Critical Role Campaign Setting
Middle Earth Adventures – Enworld Covers the Index
Scythe Invaders From Afar Expansion
Cards Against Humanity is at Target
John Dennet is Resculpting Demogorgon – Buy the original model for just 10 Euros!
Amazon Opens a Kickstarter Store
Invisible Sun Kickstarter
Sharknado Kickstarter
Never Bet the Devil Kickstarter
Betabotz Kickstarter

Review of Warmachine and Hordes – 1:12:25
Warmachine Rules PDF
Hordes Rules PDF

How to Give Us Feedback – 1:52:30

Closing Thoughts – 1:53:29

Music Credits – 1:54:46

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