Forgot My Dice Episode 67 – High Concept Humor

This week, the boys deep dive Pandemic: Rapid Response, a spin-off game of the popular board game Pandemic. They also go a little too into Scoops Ahoy, so much that it’s practically a deep dive. Robert’s Dragon Quest Builders 2 mania is growing larger as the game nears release (Note: I did finish producing this episode before Friday! — Robert). Meanwhile Jonathan is in full Stranger Things 3 mode, having done little else in the past week. All this, plus more about fun story games, “news” resembling tumbleweeds blowing across the desolate prairie, and so much more, this week on the FMD Podcast!

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From Robert to Jeanna
Happy National Corn Fritter Day

Jonathan’s Fun Liquor Fact

Off the Shelf
Fury of Dracula
My Little Scythe
Merchants and Marauders
Time Agent
Stranger Things 3
D&D Stranger Things Starter Set Revisited
Avengers Endgame
Reimagined the Fan Fic RPG
A Game of Dragons
Apex Legends
Battlefront 2
Dragon Quest Builders 2 Demo
Halcyon 6 (sorry friends the Steam sale is over)
Spider-Man PS4
Scoops Ahoy!
Star Wars Outer Rim
5-Minute Dungeon
Pandemic Rapid Response
Jaws the Board Game

Wisdom of Crowds
Serious Poulp New Edition of the 7th Continent and more!
Warcaster Neo-Mechanicka
2019 Kinder Spiel – Valley of the Vikings
Ennies 2019 Voting is Open!
Mansions of Madness the Path of the Serpent
Harry Potter Death Eaters Rising

A Year in the Life
Forgot My Dice Episode 44 – Moving Sucks

Deep Dive Pandemic Rapid Response
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