Forgot My Dice Episode 56 – Ask Not For Whom the Dog Barks

While overcoming allergies and illness, Forgot My Dice is back for a new episode with special guest Brendan Riley! Robert spends a lot of time laughing like Dr Claw’s cat, because laughing any louder makes him cough in a painful way. Also, he played some random games during his sick delirium. Jonathan spent his week in a haze of decongestants and baby prep. All this, plus a visit to a Christopher Lee goldmine, another trip to the world of Battle Chasers, recalling Jason Stathem punching a shark, and so much more! This week on the FMD Podcast!

Special Guest Brendan Riley of Rattlebox Games
Thank You Patrons
What National Day Is it?

Off the Shelf
Golden Girls
Happy Little Accidents
Fargo Season 3
Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse
Punisher Season 2
Deadpool 2
The Howling V
The Howling II
Deadwood Season 3
Jack Ryan
The Meg
The Wolverine
The City & the City
For Whom the Bell Tolls
NES Classic
LA Noire
Battle Chasers
Dragon Quest Builders
Time Stories
Unstable Unicorns
Heroes of Terrinoth
Elder Signs
Monster Crunch!

Wisdom of Crowds
Time Stories
New Starter Box for Battletech
Super Punch Fighter
Luxor the Mummy’s Curse
Bob Watts joins Privateer Press as CEO
Terraforming Mars Legacy

A Year in the Life
FMD Episode 34 – Ridiculous Amounts of Donuts

Deep Dive Brendan’s Zombie Class!
Romero/Hollywood Zombie
Voodoo Zombie
Nazi Zombies
Alien Slug Zombies
Philosophical Zombies
Virus-Fast Zombies

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