Forgot My Dice Episode 27 – Things Start Exploding With Loot

Welcome to episode 27 of the Forgot My Dice podcast! This week we deep dive the new hotness Massive Darkness by CMON. Robert spent the last few weeks in the embrace of Destiny 2. Jonathan, on the other hand, was forced to be a good parent. All this, plus we talk about Table Top News, a lot of RPG Kickstarters, what we have had off the shelf, and so much more. Stay awhile and listen!

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Off The Shelf
The Tick on Amazon Prime
Star Wars in order.
Game of Thrones
The Defenders
Ed Greenwood Presents Elminster’s Forgotten Realms
Wild Skies Europa Tempest
Destiny 2
Kotaku Article about the “Parenting Class”
Did We Play Viticulture
Dark Moon
Lords of Waterdeep
Savage Rifts
New York Slice
Century Silk Road
Colt Express
Of Dice and Men Twitter Photo
Star Wars Destiny
Ghostbusters the Board Game
Shout Out to the Family – on Dol and Brucianism

A Year in the Life 7 Wonders Duel

Wisdom of Crowds

Tabletop News
Battle for Rokugan
X-Wing Wave 13
Small Worlds Sky Islands
Legendary Spider-Man Homecoming

Kickstarters the all Robert all the time RPG Edition
World of Empyrea
7th Sea Khitai
7th Sea Khitai Quickstart on DTRPG!
Numenera Discovery & Destiny

Deep Dive Massive Darkness
Pizza Cake is a reference to the TMNT Kickstarter Box… but it’s also a delicious recipe!

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