Forgot My Dice Episode 44 – Moving Sucks

This week on the FMD Podcast the boys get together and record a episode, even though Robert is days away from a moving van coming to move his furniture to his new house. Because of this we bring you a slightly shorter episode of the FMD Podcast, with 100% Off the Shelf and 0% other segments. Also because Robert may be short on time this weekend, we are releasing the episode early, without the usual show notes. We will switch back to our regular format in episode 45 when Robert is in his new place!

Thank You Patreons
Department of Corrections – Tokaido
Patreon Winner Ninja Duck!
A Very Special Episode of FMD

Off the Shelf
A Lack of Destiny 2
Pokemon Go
Listen for Robert & Jonathan’s Friend Code
Goat Simulator
Forza 7
Scythe Video Game
Jurassic World Evolution
The Expanse
Star Wars the The Last Jedi
Pokemon Indigo League
Night’s Black Agents Solo Ops
Legacy of Shadow
GUMSHOE Universe
Dinosaur Island
Tail Feathers
Shadows Over Camelot
Campy Creatures
Beyond Baker Street
Of Dice and Men – Shelf Toad
Forbidden Stars
Witches of the Revolution
Island of El Dorado
King of Tokyo
Arcadia Quest Riders
Big Trouble in Little China
Song of Ice & Fire Miniatures Game
Century Eastern Wonders
Hellboy Board Game

Final Thoughts
Tales From the Loop TV Series

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