Forgot My Dice Primer

We are closing in on a year of new content here at Forgot My Dice. Some of you out there may not know what we do, so this primer is for you. Every month we come up with a theme, and then structure articles around the theme in the form of original D&D content. We post the main articles on Monday. Sometimes we follow up with another article on Thursday (like this one). This can either be an announcement, a review, or a short article that is a follow up to the Monday article.

We have completed 8 themes of the month, and are chipping away at our ninth right now! Check them out!

November 2015 – Video Games
December 2015 – Winter
January 2016 – the Outer Planes
February 2016 – Love
March 2016 – Rome
April 2016 – Fairy Tales
May 2016 – Scooby Doo
June 2016 – Monsters
July 2016 – Elasmobranch Ocean Predators

If reviews are more your speed here are the ones we have published thus far.

Night’s Black Agents – Gumshoe
Dracula Dossier – Night’s Black Agents Campaign
Trail of Cthulhu – Gumshoe
Shackled City & D&D 5th Edition
Cypher System Rulebook
Delta Green Agents Handbook
Fantasy Age
7th Sea Core Rulebook 2nd Edition

Lastly we have a podcast!

The Forgot My Dice Podcast!

Cthulhu Mythos - Available Now @