December’s Theme is Winter

The weather here at Forgot My Dice HQ in Texas seemingly turns on a dime.  At the beginning of October it was still in the 90s.  In the span of the last few weeks we have had rain, and a quick cooling.  Now we are lucky if we make it to the mid 50s.  So join us every Monday through December as we bring you new D&D content inspired by our strong desire to bundle up and drink some hot coffee.

December 7th – A Chilling Rogue Archetype – By Robert
December 14th – Neanderthal Characters by Trevor
December 21st – Celebrating Holidays in D&D by Trevor
December 28th – Ice Elemental Phased Boss by Robert

Short – Ice Assassin short by Robert
hort – Fantasy AGE Neanderthal by Robert

PS – Its cold for Texas darn it!

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