January’s Theme is the Outer Planes

One of our earliest suggestions for future themes of the month was Planescape (Hi Adrian). We were talking it over, and it’s pretty clear Wizards is going to get us back to Sigil sooner or later. But the Outer Planes are infinite, and weird. So there is plenty of room for new content in the spirit of Planescape. For the month of January we are going to bring you content for playing in the Outer Planes, inspired by just how weird and strange the classic setting is.

January 4th – Reptilian Invasion by Robert
January 11th – Barbarian Raiders of the Planes
January 18th – Veilminder Druids by Trevor
January 25th – Outer Planes Race by Robert

Picture Note – Treasure Planet always struck me as a very Planescape inspired movie.

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