Forgot My Dice Episode 36 – I Existed in Pop Culture

In this episode, the boys share how they spent their Olympics, which unsurprisingly turns out to be playing Dragon Quest and Board Games (who would’ve guessed?!?). Robert is haunted by his past, and Jonathan fights allergies and tries not to gush too much about Rising Sun before the deep dive. Also, we have a Deep Dive of Rising Sun by CMON, table top news, Glen Larson 80’s shows, and so much more, on this episode of the Forgot My Dice Podcast!

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Off the Shelf
Dragon Quest IV
Dragon Quest V
Final Fantasy X
Kerbal Space Program
DCS World
Seventh Son
Altered Carbon
The Expanse
Sky High
D&D Keep on the Borderlands
Just One More Fix
Star Wars Dawn of Rebellion Era Sourcebook
Overwatch Puppy Rumble
Rising Sun
Spyfall 2
Wok on Fire
Century Spice Road
Zombicide Green Horde

Wisdom of Crowds
MtG Unbans Jace the Mind Sculpter
Wizkids Announces MtG Token Creatures, Black Dragon Wall Trophy, and a Ship
GF9 Announces Monsters & Heroes Paint Sets, and a new Board Game
Gen Con Selling Out Faster!
Golden Geek Nominations Are Up
WizKids/NECA buy the Clapper & Chia Pet
Axis & Allies & Zombies
Terraforming Mars Prelude Expansion
Duelosaur Island
FFG Mos Eisley Skirmish Map
Forgot My Dice Fans FB Group
The Reckoners

A Year in the Life
FMD Episode 13 – Meet Bag I Knew Thee Well
Plane Shift Kaladesh
Pizza Cake!

Deep Dive Rising Sun

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