Forgot My Dice Episode 18 – It’s Moments Like This Where I Want This to be a Solo Show

In this episode of the Forgot My Dice Podcast, Jonathan has given up coffee but we managed to cut most of the irritation at everything out of his voice, and also he painted a lot of models. Robert on the other hand is drinking all the coffee, so he is in a pretty goofy mood. Robert also has way to many books piling up in his reading queue. Which he could probably get through if he wasn’t playing so much Destiny. On top of this the boys Deep Dive the Tales From the Loop RPG, the new hotness from the Free League. All this and more on this episode of the Forgot My Dice podcast.


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Off the Shelf

Heroes of the Storm
Star Wars Battlefront
Grand Theft Auto V
Empire of Imagination
It’s Raining Stuff
Round Rock Warhammer Store
Shadow War Armageddon
Age of Sigmar
Painting Party
Blood Bowl
Kharadron Overlord Frigate
Blood Bowl on XBox
Lords of Waterdeep
Surfing Bird
Star Wars Destiny
The Game

Wisdom of Crowds

News Bytes
Torg Eternity Delayed Until May
Set your Calendars for Zombicide the Green Horde May 30th.

Table Top News
Green Ronin Announces Modern Age and it’s first sourcebook Lazarus.
Green Ronin also announces their entire lineup for 2017.
Dead of Winter Waring Colonies
Star Wars Rebellion: Rise of the Empire Expansion
The Thing Outpost 31

Tradewars – Homeworld: Exterra Edition
Cortex Prime RPG
Moa by Martin Wallace

Deep Dive Tales From the Loop RPG
Available on Drive Thru RPG

Final Thoughts
Were Going to Chupacabra Con (We didn’t record any interviews)

Cthulhu Mythos - Available Now @