Forgot My Dice Episode 12 – Name Drop What What! – Updated

::UPDATE:: The Elite Dangerous RPG Kickstarter is back on, you got 4 days to back it as of March 3 2017!

Welcome to episode #12 of the Forgot My Dice podcast, the last of our “tween” episodes before we move on to our teenage years. This week we continue with Kaiju Incorporated by Evil Hat productions, and review the card game. Plus we talk about pizza, video-games, movies, table top news, and Kickstarter’s. So join us for another fantastic episode of the Forgot My Dice podcast!

If you like this episode, be sure to check out FMD #11 where we talk about Kaiju Incorporated the RPG!

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Pizza Cake!
Double Dave Pizza

Off the Shelf
Overwatch Year of the Rooster
Good Sombra Player
Double Dragon IV
Sega Genesis & Streets of Rage
World Heroes
Star Wars Force Awakens Lego
Lego Hobbit
Kaiju Incorporated
Descent 2nd Edition with the App!
Star Trek TNG
Steven Universe

Wisdom of Crowds

Table Top News
Wiz Kids Mind Flayer D&D Trophy
Plane Shift Kaladesh Has Been Released
Rising Sun Kickstarter Announced
Stonemeier Blog
Elite Dangerous RPG Kickstarter is pulled due to copywrite problems
The Strange Boxed Set!

Campy Creatures
Treasure Decks for 5th Edition
The Shared Dream
Alternative Facts
Bedlam Hall

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