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The Forgot My Dice Podcast Needs You!

We at Forgot My Dice love talking about games, Kickstarters, nerdy movies, tv shows, books etc.. We started this website, the articles, the reviews, and the podcast because it’s our passion, and I hope you’ve enjoyed coming along in our journey to explore our passion.

So what’s up next in our journey? Well, we’d like to expand and improve this podcast, to have more deep dives, more interviews, to get better equipment, and to eventually travel to conventions. Unfortunately, we’re two dads with limited time and resources, and we’ll need some help to achieve those goals. Here’s where you come in.

If you’ve enjoyed our podcast so far, we ask you to come give us a tip on Patreon! Whether it’s just $1 a month, or if you can afford to give more than that, we appreciate it. We’ll be coming up with patron rewards in the coming months, and we’ll show our gratitude in whatever way we can.

And if you can’t afford to be a patron right now, that’s ok with us! We do this for love, and we love having you as a listener. You can also support us by giving us a (glowing) review on iTunes, and tell all your friends and family about our podcast!

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