Healadin my AGE Shorts!

Shorts, what are those?  Just my affectionate nickname for occasional short articles, that are follow ups to our big Monday posts.  We use them to convert things to new systems, add a feat, a spell, or whatever comes to mind.

The Fantasy AGE system is a great new RPG system, probably best known for the Titansgrave series by Geek & Sundry. While most of our content is for D&D right now, it’s not the only game we play here at Forgot My Dice. Inspired by Trevor’s Knight Hospitaller article (Do You Want to Know More?), I give you the Knight Hospitaller for Fantasy Age!

Knight Hospitaller
Warrior Specialization

Warriors can be found in all sorts of professions and callings. Some fight for coin, others fight for honor. The Warriors of the Knight’s Hospitaller fight to defend the body and spirit of the communities they serve. They mend wounds and fight to keep well travelled roads safe for all pilgrims. Hospitallers are generally compassionate, diplomatic, and less eager for combat than other warriors, but are nonetheless fearsome when they take up arms in the defense of others.

Hospitaller Talent
Classes: Warrior
Requirements: Strength and Communication 2 or higher and Command (novice)

Novice: You gain the ability to use a special stunt while in combat. For 3 stunt points, you may use the Crusader Strike stunt to heal yourself or an ally within 8 yards for 1d6 damage.
Journeyman: An aura of energy surrounds you, bolstering your allies within 8 yards. First, you must use the Activate action to enter Aura mode. While in Aura mode, you and allies around you gain +1 to Willpower (Courage), Dexterity (Acrobatics), and Constitution (Stamina) tests. Aura mode lasts until combat ends, or you use another Activate action to end it.
Master: Your Aura grows ever stronger, casting a dim glow on the field of battle. In addition to all previous benefits of Aura mode, you also give yourself and allies +1 Defense. Additionally, you may use the Crusader Strike stunt for 2 stunt points instead of 3.

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