Pay No Attention to These Dice Being Rolled

8In this episode of the Forgot My Dice podcast we welcome back the creator of “This Defiant Earth” and “Urban Knights” RPGs, Mike Hall! Together we talk about what we have been playing, table top news, Kickstarter news, and then we play a short game of 1950’s Horror in “This Defiant Earth!”

Full Show Notes!

Introduction – 0:00:00

Off the Shelf – 0:01:50

How To Contact Us For an Interview – 0:28:52

Wisdom of Crowds – 0:29:15

Table Top News – 0:29:31

Kickstarters – 0:43:10

How to Give Us Feedback – 0:55:29

Deep Dive This Defiant Earth – 0:56:56

Closing Thoughts – 1:37:44


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