Forgot My Dice Episode 101 – Saluting 2020 With Both Hands

The year 2020 is winding down (and thank gawd it’s almost over, amirite?), so it’s that time again! It’s the annual year-end Predictions For The Year Ahead show! The boys stare into the crystal ball and make guesses about what’s coming in 2021. In addition, Robert dived deeper into digital art and has been crafting more happy little trees and majestic mountains. Meanwhile, Jonathan got his hands on the new video game hotness, and has been delving into one of Robert’s previous game obsessions. All this, plus table top “news”, the end of another Bond era in No Time to Bond, Robert yells “Dammit, Team Momo” a lot, and so much more! This week on the FMD Podcast!

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