The List

I’m a Game Master at heart, I love running games much more than playing them. I get silly ideas all the time, below are the ones I find interesting enough that I have given them thought. I alphabetized the list, mostly so I could have a method of organization that wasn’t the order in which these things spilled out of my head.

In any event here is my list, we would love to see what you guys wanna run, respond in the article or on the Facebook post with your ideas.

7th Sea 2nd Edition

AGE System – Calidar

AGE System – Titansgrave

Ars Magica GUMSHOE system mashup when it comes out.

Blue Rose 2nd

Changeling 20 – When it comes out

Cypher System – Calidar

Cypher System – Street heroes like Daredevil or Jessica Jones, or maybe with gothic twist like Penny Dreadful.

Delta Green RPG – The untitled Yellow King Adventure

Dragon Age RPG – anything

Drama System – Anything

D&D5th – Convert Rise of the Runelords.

D&D5th – Curse of Strahd

D&D5th – X-Crawl setting using elements of Drama System for out of the arena stuff.

Fate – Use Gods and Monsters to come up with pre-history of a world, and then make a AGE or D&D game based in that world during a Atlantean/Bronze Age era

Fate – Star Trek, using a troupe style character creation system. Every player has to make up two members of the bridge crew, and a generic (O’Brien, Barkley) NPC.

Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy – Witchfire Trilogy in new system.

Iron Kingdoms Unleashed – Troll Kriel Fairy Tale game.

Mage the Ascension 20 – Urban fantasy converting good Ars Magica adventures into the modern day.

Microscope – Make a setting, and then play it using whatever system seems appropriate.

Night’s Black Agents – Dracula Dossier

No Thank You Evil – with the kids

Trail of Cthulhu – Eternal Lies

Trail of Cthulhu – Shadows Over Filmland

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