A Town With Tentacles

Forgot My Dice
Forgot My Dice
A Town With Tentacles

Still working out the kinks, we had a sound issue in the first segment, but it gets sorted out for the rest of the episode. As always if you like what your listening to leave us a review on iTunes, Google Play, or Stitcher!

1.00 – Theme of the Month “Sword and Planet.”

4.39 – What’s on the Table

11:00 – Pandemic Legacy Spoiler Alert

11:24 – Pandemic Legacy End Spoiler

16:55 – Wisdom of Crowds, where we talk about News and new Kickstarters such as…
Near and Far
Planeshift Innistrad
Power Grid the Card Game
Unity RPG – First Winner of the FMD Trifecta!
Gen Con 2016
Galaxy Quest the Board Game
Ponyfinder 5th Age
Kickstarter Board Games Out Do Video Games 6 to 1

46:02 – Scythe Deep Dive

1:18:57 – Contact Information and Closing the Show

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