Forgot My Dice 87 – Deliciousness Out of Basic Elements

Welcome back to another very-special physically-distanced episode of the FMD Podcast! This week, the boys take a ride in the way-back machine, all the way back to the pilot episode (well, technically the second pilot… but who’s counting) to re-review the game that started it all, the one-and-only Scythe, only this time on Tabletop Simulator. Meanwhile, Robert continues his odd trend of actually playing board games during the week, and he reminds you of real-life conspiracies you should be paying attention to. Jonathan, on the other hand, found some rage on the streets and is delighted by it. All this, plus a very hate-filled No Time to Bond, lots of love for Star Trek, and actual news for once, and so much more on the FMD Podcast!

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