Forgot My Dice Episode 63 – Super Culturally Relevant

This week, Jonathan finally gets a chance to get caught up on movies since his daughter was born. Robert, on the other hand, has seen everything already, and should probably play more games instead. The boys deep dive the topic of gaming for two, which is something they have a lot of experience with. Plus Dr Whooves, assigning a character a place on the scoundrel to scum & villainy spectrum, and so much more! This week on the FMD Podcast!

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Department of Corrections – Jeanna
Happy Dance Like a Chicken Day

Off the Shelf
Pizza Cake!
the Twilight Zone
Star Trek Discovery
Get Out
Love Death & Robots
Captain Marvel
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
Avengers Endgame
Game of Thrones
Altered Carbon
Bird Box
Shazam Volume 1
World of Warships
Civilization V
Mortal Kombat XI
The Division 2
Apex Legends
Sea of Thieves
Potion Explosion
Heroes of Normandie the Tactical Card Game
Critical Mass

Wisdom of Crowds
WotC Hires James Olhen to make a Video Game Studio
New Scythe Expansion
Alien RPG Coming Soon from the Free League
Bloodborne the Board Game
Castle Panic Big Box
Shadowrun 6th edition – and the cool countdown
Three Dragon Ante
GenCon Pop-Up
Star Wars Destiny A Spark of Hope
Pirates of Pugmire coming soon!

A Year in the Life?
Forgot My Dice Episode 40 – One Victim, Two Victims Ah ha ha
The Order of Vampire Hunters

Deep Dive Gaming For Two

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