Forgot My Dice Episode 14 – Full NPR Mode

This Episode we review the LCG that has consumed Jonathan’s soul, Arkham Horror the Living Card Game! On top of this we talk quite a bit about the Rising Sun Kickstarter, which has Jonathan super excited.  Robert on the other hand, has hopes and dreams about Mass Effect Andromeda. Plus our usual round up of table top news, and the random nerdy things we have taken off the shelf, all this and more in this episode of the FMD podcast!

Off the Shelf

Miniature Painting
Base Your Minis!
Lego Hobbit
Lego Force Awakens
Battlefield 1
Ghost Recon Wildlands
Powers of Darkness
Poker Assault
Blood Bowl
Dresden Files Card Game

Wisdom of Crowds

Table Top News
Privateer Press Community Integrated Development
Privateer Press Forum (My Pretty Models on the Painting Forum)
Privateer Press Press Gang Going Away
Elite Dangerous RPG Legal Drama Concludes
D&D Beyond

Village Attacks
Rising Sun

Deep Dive Arkham Horror Card Game
Episode We Deep Dive Mansions of Madness

Cthulhu Mythos - Available Now @