Items for Two

There are 5 Mondays this month, so this week Robert and Trevor combine their powers and bring you a pair of magic items based on the theme of the month! Robert brings you a pair of cloaks inspired by a classic Scooby villain that would be perfect to give a duo of bad guys in your campaign (while still teaching us that the real monsters are humans). Then Trevor brings us a machine with which you can solve mysteries… and battle ghosts!

Cloaks of the Green Phantom
Wondrous item, artifact (requires attunement)

While many don’t know this, Cloaks of the Phantom always come in pairs, and only obtain their full potential when attuned to two separate individuals. Nobody knows who made these cloaks; some think it was a god of mischief, others say it was a pair of Wizard partners trying to steal a land claim. Whatever their origins, these cloaks tend to pop up in the most unlikely of places.

Magic Cloak. When a cloak is only attuned to one individual, it functions as a cloak of protection, and as a bonus action you gain the effect of the etherealness spell for 1 minute. This ability can only be used once per day, and recharges at sunset.

Cloaks of the Green Phantom gain several more abilities when both pairs are attuned to separate people.

You gain the effects of the telepathy spell with the individual attuned to the other cloak. Also, you are aware of the location of the other wearer of the cloak as long as you both are on the same plane.

As a bonus action, on your turn, you may gain the effect of the etherealness spell. You remain etherial for up to 5 total minutes per day, however each time you use this effect you use a minimum of 1 minute. This ability recharges at sunset.

As a bonus action you may switch places with the wearer of the other cloak as long as you are within 1 mile of each other. This is considered a teleportation effect.

Lastly, as an action, you may teleport to any point within 10 feet of the wearer of the other cloak as long as you are on the same plane. You may use this ability once per day, recharging at sunset.

Curse. When you and another individual become attuned to the Cloaks of the Green Phantom, you both gain a form of long-term madness that cannot be cured while the cloaks are attuned to you. This madness takes the form of becoming very greedy, and wanting to use the powers of the cloak to cause mischief and make money, usually involving overly elaborate schemes.

Destroying the Cloaks of the Green Phantom. The Cloaks of the Green Phantom cannot be destroyed. Whenever the wearers of the cloaks are caught, the cloaks themselves teleport randomly to another plane or another place on the planet. It is said that if two individuals attune to the cloaks and then tear them apart off each others bodies, the cloaks will not be able to reform for 1d100 years.

The Conundrum Coach (Legendary)

The Conundrum Coach began life as a wagon purchased by a team of ghost hunters many years ago, and was gradually customized by these intrepid exorcists to suit their needs over many years of hunting down spirits and solving mysteries. As horses tend to spook easily when confronting the supernatural, they eventually had it enchanted to move on its own, and had several other powerful items built into their transport.

This magical wagon can move at a land speed of 40 feet with no horse to draw it. A character who is proficient in land vehicles must sit in the drivers seat and steer using a modified ship’s wheel, but will find it relatively simple to operate.

The Coach has a Strength of 20, an AC of 10, 150 hit points, and resistance to all damage. It will automatically repair damage to itself at a rate of 10 hit points per hour.

Ramming a creature with the wagon has a +5 bonus to hit, does 2d12+5 bludgeoning damage and uses the action of the pilot. A character cannot add their proficiency bonus to this attack roll.

Additionally, The Conundrum Coach has the following special features:
Brick-a-brack: The wagon has numerous containers of various substances and items, allowing it to function as a component pouch for a spellcaster who is in the back of the wagon, as well as a set of alchemist’s supplies and an herbalism kit for characters who are proficient with such items. These supplies become depleted as usual, but when the wagon is first found by the characters they will be full, and they can be refilled at the usual gold costs.

Flight: A spellcaster can touch the wagon and expend  spell slot of 3rd level or higher to grant the wagon the ability to fly at a speed of 40 ft for 1 hour + 1 hour for each level of the spell slot above 3rd. The wagon slowly descends back to the ground at the end of this duration.

The Trunk: The trunk behind the driver’s seat is an extra-dimensional space, similar to a bag of holding. It has an opening of 2 feet by 4 feet, and can hold up to 500 pounds of gear with a total volume of 64 cubic feet. When the wagon is discovered, there will be a large number of mundane weapons and items inside, including several silvered arrows, crossbow bolts, and bullets (if firearms are found in your setting), as well as a magnifying glass, bags of salt, iron nails, holy symbols, etc. You can also have a minor magical weapon found inside if you wish; such a weapon will not add a bonus to attack or damage but will count as magical for purposes of dealing damage and will have properties from the random magic item tables in the DMG.

Useful Items: The wagon comes fitted with a 24 foot wooden ladder (collapsable); a hanging bullseye lantern at the front and rear, and several bags and containers for gear. Much like the wagon itself, these items will regenerate; if separated from the wagon for a full day, they will crumble to dust at the next dawn, and reappear on the wagon.

The Soul Jar: The most unique feature of the wagon is a contraption that can hold unruly spirits. If a ghost (or similiar undead spirit) is within 100 feet of the wagon, a character who has spent at least one hour studying the device can activate this item to try and pull the ghost inside as an action. The targeted creature must make a DC 15 Charisma saving throw or be trapped inside the jar until released. Only one creature can be held this way at a time; trying to trap another creature releases the previous one. While trapped, the spirit can communicate with people sitting in the wagon (basically a moderate speaking volume) and perceive with its own senses from the vessel, but cannot move or take any actions. The vessel has a cloth cover that muffles the sounds the ghost might make.
This vessel can also function as the material component for the Magic Jar spell, but will be destroyed when the spell ends as usual. A replacement jar can be fitted to the device and costs 500 gp to fashion, this counts as constructing a magic item for downtime.

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